For Investors

A long-term sustainable value

With our unique and proven capabilities and growth strategy, we have a clear proposition for investors. 

Why invest in BJP?

We have a strong business model with substantial opportunities to continue enhancing our portfolio to drive growth and create shareholder value

Solid growth
  • Diverse portfolio of more than 200 high-quality products
  • A commitment to quality and delivery reliability
  • Strategic acquisitions and geographic expansion into specific markets
Strong financial discipline
  • Revenue Growth: Consistent and sustained revenue growth indicates a company’s ability to generate new sales and customers over time.
  • Profit Margins: Increasing profit margins indicate that a company is able to generate more profits with each sale, or is reducing its costs.
  • Cash Flow: A steady and reliable cash flow allows a company to invest in new projects, expand its business.
  • Return on Investment (ROI): High ROI shows that an investment is generating a lot of profit with minimal risk
  • Market Share: A company’s market share indicates its level of competitiveness and is often a good indicator of its potential for growth.
  • Products and Services: A strong product or service portfolio, as well as a robust pipeline of new products, can demonstrate a company’s ability to maintain its competitive edge and generate future revenue growth.
  • Geographic Diversification.
Reliable record for shareholder

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